Sport racing is a type of contest of speed, endurance and skills, adjacent to any standard principle, usually to any particular point or clock. The participants taking part in the competition try earnestly to win the race and cross the lap in the least possible time. The participant, who can use his /her skills and could complete the race before other contestants, wins the event at the end. Such racing competitions comprise of long distances, to be covered by each and every participant. The crux of such a competition is to complete the task with speed and efficiency to accomplish the desired goal.

A racing competition includes different individual segments such as heats, legs or stages. Such races run for a prolong period of time and continue from the beginning to the very end line. The participant, who crosses the end line before other contestants, wins the show eventually. At different periods, a heat is carried on over the usual course. Stages are considered to be the undersized version of any time trial or any bigger course.


Racing is considered to be a worldwide phenomenon from the ancient times. Pottery found in Greece depicts the existence of racing events in the past. These pots show how men used to compete in chariots and on horses and actively be a part of the racing extravaganzas. Since ancient times, racing has been considered as an object of great interest for both men and women. People of all ages take interest in racing events. From chariots to cars, racing events have changed drastically over the years. Over the years, the obstacles created in racing competitions have also changed. Taking part in racing events was considered to be a hobby in the past, but in the present era, it is an affluent profession and sport, spread all over the world.


Race is related with a Norse word. The contest and its abbreviation are often linked with the place where it is conducted, means of communication and the route covered during the competition. Athens marathon and Darkar Rally are the examples of such racing.

Types of Racing

Running is considered to be the most basic pattern of racing. With the passage of time, racing included many categories such as cars, trucks, boats, aircraft and animals also such as dogs or horses. Few other types of racing include kicksled, skates, cycle, skis and wheelchair. In relay races, the participants of a group take essential turns and conduct a particular racing pattern.

Racing Photo Races can also include different types of objective such as eating. A hot dog eating race is considered to be one of the common forms of racing competitions. In such a competition, the participants try to eat as more as possible to defeat other racers. Sausage Race and Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix are considered to be one of the most thrilling and entertaining racing events. Such racing events are held worldwide in different countries.

Below are mentioned few trucks and monster truck racing events which have earned worldwide recognition over the years.